SaveUNICOINs Token

SAVEUNICOINS is an art project which aims at implementing an independent limited cryptotoken named UNICOINS on the Ethereum Blockchain. The idea is to save a digital unicorn by feeding it with the Tokens. UNICOIN can be exchanged for Ether directly via the UNICOIN smart contract or via the website Help us saving the unicorn!

SaveUNICOINs A Unicorn in a decentralized and distributed web

The main application will be the ever growing unicorn, which neighs messages to the world. Every user may feed the Unicorn with a small fixed amount of UNICOINs to spread a message. A viable minimum amount would be 15 UCN whereas the maximum lies at 3600 UCN. The amount of UNICOINs used as fodder will determine how long a message will be displayed (1 UCN equals 1 second plus an added fixed amount of 60 seconds per message), leaving new messages queued in the blockchain for a certain period. A maximum time interval prevents unjustified blocking effects and ensures a smooth operation of the application. The unicorn’s size will grow proportionally to the coins fed to the unicorn.
The users will witness an ever-inflating Unicorn-bubble.