SaveUNICOINs Token

The project aims at implementing an independent limited cryptocurrency named UNICOIN on the Ethereum Blockchain.
UNICOIN will therefore follow the well established Token Standard ERC20 and support all the crucial functions to be fully compliant.
The symbol or short code used when referring to UNICOIN Tokens will be UCN.
UNICOIN can be exchanged for Ether directly via the UNICOIN smart contract or via the website
The overall supply is strictly limited to a maximum of 100,000,000 non-divisible coins.

SaveUNICOINs Decentralized exchange

In addition, the UNICOIN Token can be exchanged via the SaveUNICOINs decentralized exchange, which runs on IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain.
The decentralized exchange’s main feature is to enable users to place sell and buy orders and to trade directly with other users without interference of a middleman.
As the main functions of the exchange are set up in the IPFS, it can persist for the community even if the project initiators, for whatever reason, stop participating in the project.

SaveUNICOINs A Unicorn in a decentralized and distributed web

The main application will be the ever growing unicorn, which neighs messages to the world. Every user may feed the Unicorn with a small fixed amount of UNICOINs to spread a message. A viable minimum amount would be 15 UCN whereas the maximum lies at 3600 UCN. The amount of UNICOINs used as fodder will determine how long a message will be displayed (1 UCN equals 1 second plus an added fixed amount of 60 seconds per message), leaving new messages queued in the blockchain for a certain period. A maximum time interval prevents unjustified blocking effects and ensures a smooth operation of the application. The unicorn’s size will grow proportionally to the coins fed to the unicorn.
The users will witness an ever-inflating Unicorn-bubble.